28 March 2010

{Save the Date }

Inspiration: { Pink & Navy }

I loved the idea of having a pink and navy wedding so much that I decided to create a Save the Date using this very palette. I wanted to create a design that was a little more whimsical and modern with a lovely punch of colour.

There will be more to come using this palette, until then Enjoy!

24 March 2010

{ Oh so girlie }

I recently picked up Martha Stewart Weddings (Spring 2010) The Colour issue, and spent some time reading the articles and enjoying the gorgeous images. I am happy to report that {pink} is making a much deserved comeback this year. The oh so girlie hue is being paired with some unexpected colours resulting in some delightful outcomes.

Some of the colour combos that were mentioned include

{ Pink and Copper }

{ Image credits: Martha Stewart Weddings }

{ Pink and Navy }

{ Image credits: Martha Stewart Weddings }

{ Pink and Grey }

{ Image credits: Martha Stewart Weddings }
{ Stationary credits: Legion Paper }

22 March 2010

{ Monday Blah's }

Today I had the case of the Monday blah's, due to the chilly day and unexpected rain. In anticipation of the sunny weather and blooming flowers that lay ahead in the months to come I am going to share the first invitation in a series that I am currently working on.

The inspiration for this invitation was the Dahlia, sweet and romantic but with a modern look.

{ Stella }

{ Lindsay & Dave Continued }

As promised here are some more pictures from Lindsay & Dave's wonderful wedding suite.

{ RSVP & Itinerary }

{ Invitation & Map }

19 March 2010

{ Lindsay & Dave }

I am very excited about finally being able to post a photo of the wedding invitations for this fantastic couple. The inspiration for their whimsical invitations was the location of their reception, and an all weekend outdoor event by the lake. Within the main invitation I included the couple's dog, an owl for Lindsay and the cute white church where the wedding ceremony is taking place. In addition, Lindsay's grandparents, and parents were also married in the same church, which made it a very special detail!

{ Wedding Invitation Suite }

This is just a sneak peak, I will be posting more images of this suite soon!

{ Black and White }

Spring is all about colour, we can not wait to free ourselves of the heavy wool sweaters and dark hues and jump into something flowing and bright, but I thought that it would be fun to create an invitation suite that was classic; black and white. That could serve as a back drop for any colour scheme. Often black and white is overlooked by brides, myself included.

{ Invitation }

{ RSVP & Matching Envelope }