11 February 2011

{Baby announcement}

Happy Friday Everyone, while my little one sleeps I will take a little bit of time to share her cute birth announcement with you all. I am not sure if this is the final design yet as I am still playing with colours. I was thinking of adding hints of blue or possibly even brown, or I may even try a different design. Its such an important design that I want it to be just perfect for our little miss.

For this specific design I was inspired by mid century posters. I wanted to create a poster announcement that had an unconventional shape, had a simple colour palette and was more illustrative. I also plan on including a snap shot of Kaisa with each poster.

Check back for the finished product!

06 February 2011

{Little Miss}

Introducing little miss Kaisa, she is definitely the boss in our house and of our hearts, our greatest creation yet and already quite the inspiration!

It has been a very busy month and I've had very little time to commit to my blog and design work. However, as we all get settled I hope to update my blog on a more regular basis. In honour of our snugglers 1 month birthday tomorrow I am sharing her cuteness with you today.

Enjoy your day and stay warm!