28 October 2011

{ I love......... Baby Leg Warmers }

Photo Credit + Tutorial: The Purl Bee

I am a huge fan of leg warmers during the fall and winter season and was over the moon when I discovered that you can get or make leg warmers for your wee one as well! Imagine the possibilities. Not only are they cute to boot but they keep your little one warm while changing diapers, make diaper changes easier, provide comfort during potty training and keep their precious knees protected when scooting about on hard floors when crawling. I can not wait to pick some of these up or to make a few for our babe.

While looking into cute knee high socks to use for my handmade baby leg warmers, and friend of mine (another mommy) suggested knitting some. Hmmmm I may just do that, thanks Elaine!

I know I am full of promises but I really am going to post the finished product, promise cross my heart.

27 October 2011

{ Ghoulish Wedding Cakes }

Photo Credit: The Sweetest Day
Orignal Post: Brides

1. Photo Credit: Brixtoncat Orignal Post: Brides 2. Photo Credit: Haunted Design House

Good morning! Its a great morning in our house, the babe is sleeping and I am enjoying a little me time. Yay!

With Halloween fast approaching I thought it would be fitting to share some amazing Halloween themed wedding cakes that I happily discovered yesterday via brides and Pinterest (Gotta love Pinterest, its my new indulgence). The first darling cakes I found are by a super talented lady Shauna Younge, although I do not think the cakes were designed for a wedding, I think why not? Especially if you are like me and want a super intimate and small sized wedding. So lovely and sweet! I am a huge Tim Burton fan and was stunned when I saw cakes that were inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corspe Bride! (two of my favourite movies). Just think of how much fun it would be if you served your guests a piece from these Ghoulish beauties!!

24 October 2011

{ New Work: Telephones }

You are in for a treat today, not only did I share family fun photos from our fall weekend excursion but I also have some new work to share today. I decided to try something new with my digital work, it was a great exercise and I really enjoyed working digitally again with an added new twist. I used a vintage colour palatte which I may try to incorporate in my work more often (digital and watercolour, because I am loving it), and I added some lovely hand lettering (really love hand lettering too, whether digital or in a traditional medium).

To me, being a designer/illustrator means never being afraid to change or to try new things thats how we grow creatively, and that is what this year has been all about!

{ The Great Pumpkin Patch }

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, Toronto was especially beautiful on Sunday, with clear blue skies and sun it was the perfect fall afternoon. We took a little family trip to the pumpkin patch, it was the beans first experience with pumpkins. We picked up a small pumpkin just to add a little fall to our place and a bag of apples as I am planning to make some more applesauce this year (loved it last year, I think I have a new tradition). I can't believe a year has passed since last Halloween already. Last year around this time we were preparing for my baby shower, now our baby is getting ready for her first Halloween!

21 October 2011

{ Mason Jars }

Chic Home Organization
Found via Pinterest

Gold Mason Jar
Photo Credit + Post: 100layercake.com

Graphic and Sweet Invites
Photo Credit + Post: ohsobeautifulpaper.com

Wedding Center Pieces
Photo Credit + Post: The Wedding Bee

Matte Finishes
Photo Credit + Post: Decor Hacks

I think I fell in love with Mason jars before they were popular, like back in the 90's when I was crafting gifts for my mom, with objects found around our houese. But years later these little beauties are used from wedding center pieces, to home decor, to a lovely center piece for a Sunday dinner; the mason jar has become every design savvy ladies best friend, and there is no wonder why. They are simple, beautiful, they come in a variety of sizes and are easy peasey to find (take a peek in your pantry) what more could you ask for? Also there are endless possibilities for these charming jars.

After finding all of these beauties I can feel another project coming on!

13 October 2011

{ M is for Mermaid..... }

Happy Thursday everyone, the weather here is a little bit dreary but I am going to be positive and enjoy this crisp fall day. I am working on a new series of posters and I am happy to share the first one with you today! As you may know I've been working on my watercolour and hand lettering skills and I am very pleased with the results so far. I am still working digitally but find working with a new medium a breath of fresh air, just what the doctor ordered. M is for mermaid will be available on my Etsy site soon!

12 October 2011

{ Seating Cards + Plans }

Chalkboard Seating Chart
Photo credit: the knot
Found via: Pinterest

Modern Graphic Seating Cards
Photo Credit + Original Post: Martha Stewart

Autumn Seating Card
Photo credit + Original Post: Martha Stewart

Seating cards and plans have come leaps and bounds over the years, there are so many fabulous ways that you can invite your guests to take a seat on your special day ( I almost want to host a sit down dinner just so I can make some of these lovely cards) There is no limit to the imagination and to creativity when it comes to these tiny little cards. Yes they are often small, but there is no reason why they have to be small on style. Any bride can easily create cards and plans that compliment any decor or theme. I love this eco friendly alternative to tangible seating cards; the chalkboard plus it is such a sweet idea, don't you think? and lets just say that the modern illustrated cards speak right to the designer in me and they are gorgeous. If a chalk board seating plan or modern seating cards aren't your cup of tea adding a little greenery is great for any time of year. This seating card adorned tree is especially perfect for a fall or spring wedding and is so cute!

08 October 2011

{ Nine months today }

Photo credit: Photography by kat

Kaisa is nine months today! This photo was taken when she was just a wee little one. She is growing so fast and it feels like just yesterday that she was born. It has been an amazing adventure so far! We love you bean.

07 October 2011

{ Fall Feasts and thankful thoughts }

Photo credit: Photography by kat

With fall in full force and Thanksgiving just around the corner I've started thinking about everything we have to be thankful for this year. Our families our well, we have a lovely home, I have a wonderful husband and of course our greatest blessing this year the birth of our little bean, the light of our lives. She really is our best gift this year.

03 October 2011

{ Real Event: Kathy's Jungle Themed Baby Invites }

I am pleased to share a custom baby shower suite that I had the pleasure of working on for a close friend of mine. The theme for the baby shower was inspired by little Hazels Nursery and bedding which is a jungle theme (So cute). The beaming mom to be, wanted this theme carried into the invites for the shower (So fun). The invite was hand painted and adorned with hand lettering. The suite featured a 5" x 7" invite, Khaki envelope and matching insert asking guests to bring a book in place of a card for Hazel's first Library (such a sweet idea) It was an honour to design the invites for such a special baby.