21 October 2011

{ Mason Jars }

Chic Home Organization
Found via Pinterest

Gold Mason Jar
Photo Credit + Post: 100layercake.com

Graphic and Sweet Invites
Photo Credit + Post: ohsobeautifulpaper.com

Wedding Center Pieces
Photo Credit + Post: The Wedding Bee

Matte Finishes
Photo Credit + Post: Decor Hacks

I think I fell in love with Mason jars before they were popular, like back in the 90's when I was crafting gifts for my mom, with objects found around our houese. But years later these little beauties are used from wedding center pieces, to home decor, to a lovely center piece for a Sunday dinner; the mason jar has become every design savvy ladies best friend, and there is no wonder why. They are simple, beautiful, they come in a variety of sizes and are easy peasey to find (take a peek in your pantry) what more could you ask for? Also there are endless possibilities for these charming jars.

After finding all of these beauties I can feel another project coming on!

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