08 October 2010

{ Happy Weekend }

Do I have a treat for you today, I was recently perusing one of my favourite wedding websites
100 Layer Cake and came across a lovely wedding post for a couple in Copenhagen. The wedding was stunning, but what really stood out was the giant gorgeous paper flowers that the bride and mother of the bride made together! I especially like how only one big flower was centred on each table, so sweet. Feeling inspired I searched the web to find a tutorial on how to make these beauties.

Although these flowers are a wonderful edition to a wedding celebration they can be used for other celebrations as well, such as a birthday party or even a baby shower. I am feeling crafty, so this weekend I am planning on making some of these flowers for my up and coming baby shower, I think they will make a lovely and unique addition to my shower that I am sure will delight my guests!

I hope to post some photos of my project soon!



Original Post: 100layercake

Photography credits: Ali Degraff

Image credits: Martha Stewart

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