14 January 2011

{le petit hiboux mobile}

Hi everyone, it has been a incredibly busy, but amazing week with the surprise arrival of our bundle of joy Kaisa, our little girl was born on Januray 8, 2011 6:08pm weighing 5lbs. 6oz. She has already stolen our hearts. I wanted to quickly share my labour of love. I made a baby mobile for Kaisa while she was still safely in my womb, all warm and cozy and kicking while I worked away on my trusty sewing machine.
I worked on this cute hiboux mobile in my spare time while relaxing at night with my wonderful husband Mark (who is a natural at being a dad). The design was inspired by various other mobiles that I saw, but not just one design. I wanted something modern, yet colourful owl themed and handmade. It was such a fun project, looking forward to working on some others that I have planned soon.

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