16 May 2011

{ Love your Home }

Today I am starting a new post series called "Love your home" this Mondays edition is focused on at home work spaces meant to inspire those that do what they love in the space that they love.

Recently we moved my work space from our office to a different room in our condo, although it is beginning to feel a little more like my work space each day, I still feel that it needs a little je ne sais quoi. So I have been searching the internet for sources of inspiration for my little work nook. Here are some tips and places to look for ideas to make your work space inspiring.

First is the Etsy blog that has a great section dedicated to Open Studio Tours which can provide a great sense of inspiration for making a work nook of your own. Second, image search's on google for "work studio spaces" or "home studios" can also provide you with a bunch of visual inspiration or eye candy to incorporate in your space. Or lastly, frequently visiting sites that are dedicated to decor often proves to be a wonderful source of inspiration, two of my favourites are Decor8 and DesignSponge. Hopefully these tips on finding inspiring work studios will help you make a space that is your own and promotes creativity, I know it has for me.

Original post Sneak Peek: DesignSponge
Photo credits: gwendolyn of dear hancock

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