12 August 2011

{ DIY: bunting }

Via Pinterest: Dessert Table

If you aren't on the handmade band wagon I seriously suggest you join because there is some really great stuff happening on that front. If you can dream it, you can make it or probably track someone down that does, and isn't there just something so special about handmade goods? I think so. I recently made some fabric blocks for the bean, and they aren't perfect but that is what makes them oh so special. Bunting Flags are all the rage right now, and they do look sweet over a dessert table, in a nursery or even or a bed (skies the limit folks). So in celebration of DIY here is a bunting tutorial (traditional triangles) for all you crafty friends out there and one that is a little less traditional bunting tutorial (rounded). Anything vintage is also really hot right now so why not try some vintage fabric for these projects?

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