18 November 2011

{ A Scandinavian Inspired Winter }

1. Padraig Baby Slippers 2. Ouef Be Good Coverall Hat 3. Ouef Be Good Reversible Mittens
4. Ouef Be Good Sweater Dress 5. Zara's 6. Zara's 7. Baby Gap Faux-Shearling Jacket

Yesterday I saw a few little flurries, so I couldn't help but think of winter, the cold weather and Christmas (of course). This year we have not only ourselves to get ready for the cold weather ahead but our baby bean as well. There are so many cute cold weather accessories with a Scandinavian flare for babies, so I am quite happy that we live in the Great White North! I picked up the cutest baby slippers the other day for bean and I can not wait to put them on her feet, not only are these slippers stunning they are made in CANADA (bonus) and if they were a gift (which I wish they were) you can purchase the cutest packaging ever.... a tiny house (love it).

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