18 April 2015

A New Etsy Banner and Items in my Shop.


A lot has been happening including painting, taking care of my little girls and of course redesigning my website (its a slow process) and redesigning my Etsy banner. With my work going in a different direction over the past couple of years (One I am truly smitten with, can you imagine I can not wait to paint at night) I felt it was time to update my Etsy site and website to reflect these new changes.

Hope you like it too.


  1. That is a wise choice. One good way of making your website more appealing to visitors is by making the theme of the products match the design of the site. And it’s good to add some changes to your website once in a while, even if it’s just adding some new banners. That way, your followers are treated to a fresh look, and they’ll also be informed of the new things that are available in your website. Thanks for sharing!

    Noah Stewart @ My Local Marketing

  2. That’s a nice website banner! The image truly reflects on the items that you sell on your website, and it perfectly captures the entirety of the website through a single banner. The items you’re selling are quite awesome too. They are just the coolest decorations for anyone who wants to add a little spice in the look of their room. Thank you for sharing!

    Travis White @ Marketing Digest