06 January 2011

{2011 Printable Calendars to Love}

Free Printable 2011 Calendar from Creature Comforts

Free Printable 2011 3D Yeti Calendar from Curiosity Calendar of the Month Club

Customizable 2011 Owl lovers Calendar

Being already six days into the New Year, I suddenly realized that my current Night Owl Paper Goods desk calendar would no longer suffice. I enjoy having something lovely beside me while I work away so I was tickled pink when I came across these gorgeous free printable calendars courtesy of some very talented people. Wouldn't you love to have one of these little lovelies sitting next to you while you work?

1. Creature Comforts: There are many things I love about this calandar, the soft colours, watercolour images, the hand written elements and of course that each month can be repurposed into a postcard to send via snail mail (I love snail mail) or as a notecard to include with a gift. Thanks, what a great idea!

2. Curiosity Calendar: of the Month Club: If working with your hands is more your style, I definitely suggest you take a look at this incredibly cute free 3D yeti calendar for the month of January. Each month a new 3D calendar will be released for you to download and put together. I just love the retro mid century illustration used for this calendar. Can't wait to see what they have in store for next month!

3. 2011 Owl lover Calendar: Here is another Calendar that I came across via Paper Crave, the 2011 Owl lover calendar, which I was quite excited about being an owl lover myself. What makes this specific calendar so great is that you can choose the image and the month to make a completely customizable calendar to love all year round. Also the illustrations were completed by 30 talented artists so each image has a different look or feel to it. Great for monthly inspiration.

There are so many great calendars out there, if you are like me (a little behind) and still in need of a calendar take a look at Paper Crave Calendar roundups 1-8 there is definitely something out there for everyone whether you like retro inspired illustrations or something nature inspired.

Even if you already have your calendar for the year, I would still take a peak the inspiration is endless!

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the post...we will be introducing our February calendar to our Facebook friends early, so visit us and be part of our crew!