07 November 2011

{ Photography }

I am a sucker for a great photo, so much in fact I spend time perusing photographers websites oooing and ahhing over the magic they captured, and the creativity that goes with it. Yes, I said creativity, its just not enough to take a lovely photo anymore, much, much more goes into a fabulous photo session these days.
Photo sessions are filled with props, bells, whistles and a lovely location. Location, location, location!
Today on this beautiful Monday morning I am sharing two very talented ladies with you, who work right here in Toronto Celine Kim and Scarlett O'Neil, not only are their pictures stunning the amount of thought and creativity that goes into their sessions is inspirational (Hats off to you ladies)! It definitely makes me want to get a photo shoot of our little family sometime soon!

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  1. hi Tina! I've heard so much about you through Elaine, and when she told me you mentioned me on your blog, I was so flattered! I just wanted to come and say hi, and thank you so much for your kind words.