18 April 2015

A New Etsy Banner and Items in my Shop.


A lot has been happening including painting, taking care of my little girls and of course redesigning my website (its a slow process) and redesigning my Etsy banner. With my work going in a different direction over the past couple of years (One I am truly smitten with, can you imagine I can not wait to paint at night) I felt it was time to update my Etsy site and website to reflect these new changes.

Hope you like it too.

09 February 2014

{ Do what you love }

I recently came across a post entitled "Do what you love, 2014" an inspirational post about doing what you love by not making excuses, focusing, learning new skills, that kind of thing and I've decided.  I am going to do it.   For many years I owned a business, doing small jobs here and there, stopping and starting, having a family, and stopping and starting again.

So I am going to apply to be a part of a hand made show this December 2014, I am super pumped and scared all at the same time.  But its something I think I need to do.  There are many other things I would love to do like write and illustrate a children's book but I feel this is a starting point, to get my feet wet and see where it takes me.

24 January 2014

{ A lot has happened }

So a lot has happened in the past year! Our 2 year old turned 3 and is very much a handful and a delight and we welcomed our second daughter in August.  Going from none to one was hard and going from one to two was even harder. But don't get me wrong I love my girls to the moon and back.
After my little break, here I go jumping in where I left off.

22 April 2013

{ Foxing Around }

Between being a mom and a wife, I found a bit of time to create some new artwork! And I hope to find a bit more time to continue what I love doing.  This is an illustration that I completed first digitally but then wanted to try a bit of watercolour and gouache.  I am very happy with the results and hope to do more like this soon.  If you love this little fox it is now available in my Etsy shop!

03 January 2013

{ Someone is turning 2 }

After a bit of a hiatus (mainly taking care of my energetic toddler) I am getting back into the groove of things for the new year and hopefully I will have a bit more time to contribute to my sometimes neglected blog.  With that said, its our toddlers second birthday very soon, and I wanted to create some special invitations for the day.  I repurposed an old illustration that I really loved but didn't like how it turned out.  I am much happier with the redesign!