07 May 2010

{ Happy Friday }

I am starting a new weekly series starting today, and every Friday where I will share new work, kind of a last bit of inspiration Hoorah before the week comes to an end and we each embark on the much anticipated weekend. Unfortunately, I am still not decided on what I will be calling this new weekly series, but I do know that I want to take some time to think about the name. I will post new invitations, some from real weddings and some fictional. I also hope to add some new illustrations, as although I am not proud to say this, but my illustration work has been taking a back seat to other things these days and I feel that illustration plays an important role in my invitation design.

To get the ball rolling I am posting a little something special that I have been working on lately, this is a special piece for me because it was the first time in many years that I've created an illustration using something other then a computer. It was great trying a new technique. I quite enjoyed it, I hope to add more to this collection.

xo Tiina

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