10 December 2010

Happy Weekend! A little weekend craft project perfect for gift giving this Holiday Season. It is an easy and quick pattern, you will be knitting and felting in no time. Give this adorable felted bowl to someone special.

{Large bowl}


15mm straight needles, 1 yarn needle, 2x 100g balls of 100% wool yarn
Gauge: 10cm x 10cm

1. Cast on 54 stitches

2. Work 20 rows of stockinette stitch (work will measure appox. 7" long)

3. Decreasing rows:
Row 1 - K5, K3tog (repeat until last 5 stitches) K5
Row 2 - Purl
Row 3 - K4, K2tog (repeat until last 5 stitches) K5
Row 4 - Purl
Row 5 - K3, K2tog (repeat until end of row)
Row 6 - Purl
Row 7 - K2, K2tog (repeat until end of row)
Row 8 - Purl
Row 9 - K1, K2tog (repeat until end of row)
Row 10 - Purl
Row 11 - K2tog (repeat until end of row)

4. You will have 8 stitches remaining

5. Measure about 15" of yarn from your last stitch and cut. Thread yarn needle with the yarn. Pull the knitting needle out of the last 8 stitches, then send the yarn needle through those same 8 stitch loops.

6. Fold the finished bowl (which will look like a knitted hat), so the right sides are facing in.

7. Sew the two edges together with the same needle and yarn from the top of the hat down to the bottom edge.

8. Tie a secure knot when at the bottom of the edge.

9. Turn the finished bowl right side out.

10. Begin Felting


Place the finished piece in a wash bag and run it through a regular laundry cycle in hot soapy water. Toss it in with other items,which will intensify the agitation and help felt the wool. Mould the damp felted wool over and upside down bowl or cup and let it dry overnight. It will take the shape of whatever is used.

Then fill finished bowls with seasonal treats!

Original instructions for felted bowls printed in the October 2010 issue of
Canadian House and Home, weekend decorating.

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