31 August 2010

{ Lovely Posies }

Today I wanted to share a website that I accidentally stumbled upon, and absolutely love! The flower arrangements are so inspiring and romantic, I am captivated every time I peruse her website. Its fun just to take a peak to see what this lovely floral designer has been up to recently. And what a lovely way to start the day, right? Everyone can use some lovely posies in their day.

The name of the site is s a i p u a (as I was perusing the site, a thought occurred to me,
s a i p u a sounds like a finnish word) being part Finnish, I have a special sense for these kinds of things (even though I can't speak much of the language). It is in fact Finnish and it means soap. What a clever name! those Finns are so talented. Sarah is based in Brooklyn, and I would definitely look her up if you are looking for gorgeous flower arrangements for all sorts of occasions or special events. She even makes soap.



Image credits: s a i p u a

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