27 October 2011

{ Ghoulish Wedding Cakes }

Photo Credit: The Sweetest Day
Orignal Post: Brides

1. Photo Credit: Brixtoncat Orignal Post: Brides 2. Photo Credit: Haunted Design House

Good morning! Its a great morning in our house, the babe is sleeping and I am enjoying a little me time. Yay!

With Halloween fast approaching I thought it would be fitting to share some amazing Halloween themed wedding cakes that I happily discovered yesterday via brides and Pinterest (Gotta love Pinterest, its my new indulgence). The first darling cakes I found are by a super talented lady Shauna Younge, although I do not think the cakes were designed for a wedding, I think why not? Especially if you are like me and want a super intimate and small sized wedding. So lovely and sweet! I am a huge Tim Burton fan and was stunned when I saw cakes that were inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corspe Bride! (two of my favourite movies). Just think of how much fun it would be if you served your guests a piece from these Ghoulish beauties!!

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