12 October 2011

{ Seating Cards + Plans }

Chalkboard Seating Chart
Photo credit: the knot
Found via: Pinterest

Modern Graphic Seating Cards
Photo Credit + Original Post: Martha Stewart

Autumn Seating Card
Photo credit + Original Post: Martha Stewart

Seating cards and plans have come leaps and bounds over the years, there are so many fabulous ways that you can invite your guests to take a seat on your special day ( I almost want to host a sit down dinner just so I can make some of these lovely cards) There is no limit to the imagination and to creativity when it comes to these tiny little cards. Yes they are often small, but there is no reason why they have to be small on style. Any bride can easily create cards and plans that compliment any decor or theme. I love this eco friendly alternative to tangible seating cards; the chalkboard plus it is such a sweet idea, don't you think? and lets just say that the modern illustrated cards speak right to the designer in me and they are gorgeous. If a chalk board seating plan or modern seating cards aren't your cup of tea adding a little greenery is great for any time of year. This seating card adorned tree is especially perfect for a fall or spring wedding and is so cute!

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